Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello, my friends

I guess that title implies people are actually READING this blog.  I'm sorry (if there are any out there) for being absent for so long. Here's a summary:

1) Wight Loss? Going well!
I've not lost near the amount of weight I would like up to this point, but I'm certainly making improvement.  I'm down 13 pounds. I think my goal for the end of all this is 30 lbs. That would be nice -- and only about half of what I really need to lose.

2) Exercising? Getting worked.
Jocelyn has been kicking my can on the work outs (which I only appreciate about 2.4 hours AFTER the fact).  She makes me do all this stuff (like prance around the gym and blow kisses to others on each prancy jump, kiss my biceps when I do each arm curl, and scream, "I'M WORTH MORE THAN ANY OTHER SOUL IN THIS GYM RIGHT NOW!!!") while doing bench presses, but I guess it's cool. OK, OK, every bit of information in that last sentence is not true. Truth be told, I am making some great improvements in the gym each week and feel like my capacity to do more is growing each time I return.  I'm grateful for that. Now, the whole 5:30 a.m. thing? I don't think I'll ever be happy having to show up anywhere but in a room full of parakeets and pillows at that time.

3) Eating? Going marginally well, I guess.
1,500 calories is where I shoot each day, which is (I'll be the first to admit) NOT sustainable, annoying to do, a cause for intense grouchyness, cause for jealousy when I see others NOT eating like four-year-old girls and a whole host of other things. I hate it. But, as Paul (one of my teammates) tells me, "You just got to suck it up and deal with it." Thanks, Paul.

4) Balancing all this with everything else I got to do? Hard, but necessary.
Nothing more to say on this.  If I want to be around to see my kids get married, I need to change my life. I just need to change it without the "Woe is me" mentality every day.

I've got to do better blogging. It's always a good 'out,' you know?