Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Rachel (that's my hunna') and I have a rule of prohibiting our kids from sleeping in our bed.  However, our middle son has been struggling to sleep well, particularly the past few nights.  He came in crying (pretty sure he fell off his bed) in the middle of the night. Knowing he's always got a full bladder, I motioned to him to use the bathroom.  He then, without really asking, climbed up in bed to snuggle next to me.  I admit, I kinda liked it for the first little bit. Then, knowing I was stealing all his covers (as evidenced by my awakening several times after a few minutes of sleep to see him curled up in the fetal position) I asked if I could take him to his own bed.  I promise I'll be able to make him stay warm. He's quick to comply. I thought through all of this that it was surely 4:53 a.m., then 5:02, then 5:12 -- just three minutes before my forsaken alarm would get me up to go to the gym.

How happy I was it was only 2:12 a.m. I thought, "I've got three more hours...and I've been sleeping for about that long.  This is good!" However, whatever feelings of goodness I had at 2:12 were dashed to smithereens when 5:15 rolled around."I'm sooo tired!" I thought to myself. "Don't'll be glad you did this in about two hours."

And I was. But oh. my. goodness. The two hours in between 5:15 and 7:15 sure were a kick in the fat-ridden belly.

Why did Traci have to be at the gym this morning?

My trainer. She's so nice. So kind. Traci? Well, yeah, she's one of my favorite people in the world...but not when she's on a mission.

If you wonder what my morning was like, just view this 30 second video:

OK, OK. She's not that bad. But it's because of her that I'm having a hard time walking today...and only feeling 37% normal. Thanks, Traci!

Thanks to Jocelyn (she's my trainer) for being sa' nice. I have a feeling, though, that Jocelyn observed a little too much today.  I'm a little worried my work outs will be a little different from now on. Nice.

Update on my progress: Not losing it fast enough. Only down a couple pounds.  I know I've got great potential, I've just got to get the eating piece down.

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